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Stonecipher Farm

Ian Jerolmack

Bowdoinham, Maine

(207) 737-4124






Stonecipher Farm is a small diversified organic vegetable farm in Bowdoinham Maine. Purchased by myself, Ian Jerolmack, in 2009, it has grown to about 10 acres of production. I pride myself in my stewardship of the land, and in the responsibility I have, of providing good food to Mainers.


My love of farming began at a young age, despite the limitations of my suburban Pennsylvania setting; keeping chickens ducks and geese, and raising all sorts of vegetables as well as some fruit.


Organic market gardening provided the venue for breaking into agriculture. After several years of apprenticeship and employment at various farms, I endeavored into the adventure of starting a new farm from scratch.


Farmers' markets were the formula from the beginning, but as the business grew, other outlets were sought.

Restaurants ended up being the meal ticket for Stonecipher Farm. Local grocers and food distributors have become vital elements in the portfolio as well. All these outlets, have allowed me a lot of flexibility, in what types of crops I can grow, and in what quantities.


Portland Maine especially, has been very kind to me over the years, as well as my newer more wide spread customers. I feel very blessed to be able to do the good work I do, and get so much local, delicious, healthful food, out to my own community. I do what I do, because I believe we can feed ourselves right from Maine, and I want to do everything I can to that end. Being able to make a living doing it, is the best!


My farm is at the large end, of the small farm spectrum. While primary tillage is done with tractors, all planting, weeding, and harvesting, is done by hand. I enjoy the quirky elements of my farm, and pride myself in being able to maintain them, as my scale has grown. Many of my fields are oddly shaped, and difficult to use. I feed my land from the sea, incorporating a lot of lobster waste from a local processor. I grow what I feel like growing, and often arbitrarily change my mind about how much of something I'm going to plant, as I stand there getting ready to do it. Sometimes, it feels like a cheat that I get to make a living off doing this stuff! Not that I don"t put in my hours!


I love the land, I love growing food. I love the relationships that have come with direct marketing. I love feeling like I am friends with my customers.... from farmers' market , to restaurateurs, to my connections at my distributors. It is definitely a community, and I am proud t be a member of it.





-Monument Square, Wednesdays

-Deering Oaks Park, Saturdays

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