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2024 Top 10 Entries:

Thank you to all of artists who submitted wonderfully inspired entries of gorgeous artwork that were sent in for our first Call-for-Art contest!

With 34 submissions, it feels like an art collection that should be named
"A Collective Love Letter to the Portland Farmers' Market".

We have loved engaging with our community in this way. Let's do it again next year!

Congratulations to Sophia Blacker for her winning design.

Below are the Top 10 of this year's contest. Visit the Market Information Booth for tote bags, with the winning design, plus postcards and stickers from the top 6!

Winning Design
Artist: Sophia Blacker

From the artist: I love being at the summer market while the vendors are setting up, early in the morning at Deering Oaks Park. The muffled conversation, the dew on the grass, and the artful displays. It's one of my favorite places to be.

2nd Place (2).png

Artist: Abby Clark

2nd Place.png

Artist: Katie Redmond

3rd Place.png

Artist: Sarah Clifford

4th Place.png

Artist: Sara Cannon

3rd Place (2).png

Artist: Leticia Plate

Artist: Brenda McGuinness

Artist: Abby Welbourn

Artist: Sophia Blacker

Artist: Ariel Knoebel

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