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Emily's Oysters

Freeport, Maine



Emily's Oysters is a small-scale sea farm located off the shores of Freeport, Maine, that focuses on producing high quality oysters while using the most sustainable and environmentally beneficial farming practicies. Owned and operated by Emily Selinger, a Freeport native, Emily's Oysters specializes in growing American oysters using both surface and bottom aquaculture techniques in the shallow, nutrient-rich waters at the mouth of the Harraseeket River, resulting a product that is undeniably clean, undeniably Maine, as well as good for your health and the environment. For experienced oyster tasters, Emily's Oysters have a luxurious sweetness that is well-balanced with crisp ocean brininess. Bright hints of grass, lemon and minerality from the surrounding landscape also feature in this easy-to-shuck, easy to eat oyster. Check out for more info, and details on how to sign up for our one-of-a-kind (and FIRST of its kind) oyster CSA!



-Deering Oaks Park, Wednesdays & Saturdays

-Winter Market, Saturdays


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