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Fishbowl Farm

Chris Cavendish, Gallit Sammon & Family

Bowdoinham, Maine







Fishbowl Farm is committed to producing healthful, nutritious, and safe food of the highest quality, while protecting the integrity of our environment


We choose to use sustainable methods of farming because we believe that these methods place priority on the promotion of healthy nutrient rich soils. From this foundation of healthy soils comes healthy plants and vegetables. Furthermore, healthy plants provide the most nutrient dense foods best able to fend off pests and diseases. With reduced pest and disease pressures we are reducing the need for applied preventive measures. When necessary, we use only materials approved for use on Organic farms to control these problems.


We Pledge to practice only certified organic methods of farming. Never will we use synthetic or genetically modified products in the production of our crops. With your support of Fishbowl Farm you are protecting the land, the farm, and the biodiversity of the earth for generations to come.


-Deering Oaks Park, Saturdays


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