Deering Oaks Park, Portland Maine
Market open: Saturdays & Wednesdays 7am-1pm
April 24- May 15th & June 30th- Nov 24th
(May 19- June 26th in Payson Park)
Customers can find parking on surrounding streets as well as within the park itself. 
Farmer Layout Maps for Markets in Deering Oaks Park
Please note that not all farmers may be present on every market day. These maps represent where each farm's booth is located for the market days they attend. Please contact individual farms (or follow their social media) for up to date information about when they will be attending markets.
Saturday Market Deering Oaks Farmer Layout:
2021 Saturdays Deering Oaks.png
Wednesday Market Deering Oaks Farmer Layout:
2021 Wednesdays Deering Oaks.png