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Middle Intervale Farm

John Carter

Bethel, Maine

(207) 890-1559







Seven generations of family farming in Bethel, Maine since 1791. We are primarily a dairy farm with 300 Holstein (140 milking). We belong to the New England owned farmers cooperative Agrimark. In 1998 we began to diversify with market gardens for our Farm Stand, as well as local Farmers' Markets. Highlights include sweet corn, Heirloom tomatoes, 16 garlic varieties, winter squash, peppers, and melons. We also offer naturally raised (no hormones or antibiotics) Black Angus beef, pork, and on occassion, veal and lamb.


-Deering Oaks Park, Wednesdays

-Deering Oaks Park, Saturdays

-Winter Farmers' Market, Saturdays

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